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This and That

Aliera Jean Brust
17 August 1982
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I'm a 29 year old with way to much time on my hands. I spend that time watching television. What can I say? I love T.V.

If you don't know me and I friended you, it's probably because I checked out your journal and decided you were just too funny/smart/interesting/strange to leave off my reading list. Feel free to add me back, or not, as you wish.

If you add me before I've added you, please feel free to post a comment explaining why. I'll certainly check out your journal either way, but this way I don't go crazy trying to figure out if I know you in RL or from fandom. (i.e.: "Well, they like Buffy and Veronica Mars. It must be fandom. Wait, they live in MN. Hmm. So then, maybe I know them in real life." Or: "Hmm, they live in Detroit so I must know them from fandom, but they are interested in Minicon. I could have met them..." And so on. ) Why does this matter to me? I really don't know.

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