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Health Update, yet more good news.

Woot. So had my appointment with the surgeon today. He agreed that I don't need to have surgery now! Yay! He said (after I asked) that there was "greater than 50/50" chance I'd need it at some point but whatever. Definitely not now, and possibly never.

What I have is a "sub aortic membrane". Basically it's an extra flap of skin that forces my heart to work harder to push the blood through that area. But for now it's not hard enough to worry to much about.

Plus he said that I'll "probably have symptoms before sudden death" which... umm. Is good. Heh, I'm pretty sure he meant "long before" and whatever. If he'd actually thought that was a concern he would have recommended the surgery.

So all in all, good! So long as I don't suddenly die I'm in good shape. :)
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New Vid: "I'm Cute"

Title: "I'm Cute"
Character/Pairing: Rose (With some Nine, Ten and Mickey)
Spoilers: Everything up to Doomsday just to be safe.
Song: "I'm Cute" By The Animaniacs
Size: 15.64 MB
Description: Rose is cute...
Download: YouTube MegaUpload
Note: For the record, I absolutely adore Rose. This is meant in good fun.
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New Vid: "Walkaway Joe"

Title: "Walkaway Joe"
Character/Pairing: Rose/Ten, Rose/Nine, Jackie
Song: "Walkaway Joe"
Size: 29.76 MB
Spoilers: Up to Doomsday.
Description: Rose learns what her mother and The Doctor already knew: The Doctor always leaves.
Download: YouTube MegaUpload And hey, check it out! I won an award! Two even!